Experience of the Route

In addition to all the historical and scenic surroundings of the place, Bulwark is also located in an ancient Roman route of great affluence to the movement of the Camino de Santiago – “Way of Saint James“.

Who initiates this experience is faced with the religious and cultural phenomena impacting on it, where the motivational purpose of thousands of pilgrims beyond spirituality, adventure or tourism, is also as a common element the need to find something, their own personal guidance. We can then start from the origin of the word pilgrimperegrinus, in Latin – to characterize the essence of this whole experience: “pilgrim is the one who travels through one space and, in that space, finds the other”.

God, friendship, others or oneself, the true challenge of all this phenomenon is the journey itself and not the arrival at the goal. Personal and inner transformation is one of the most complex phenomena, where the experience of walking alone carries out a profound introspection and anonymity, transformed into equality before others, provides an intensification of one’s own senses.

According to the anthropologist Jack David Eller (“Introduction to the Anthropology of Religion”, 2018), all humans have goals to achieve and “if language is effective, action is doubly so”. In conclusion, launching oneself into the unknown is one of the important steps to enter the role of pilgrim.

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