Welcome to Hostel Bulwark.
We introduce you to our internal regulations so that we can serve you in the best way.
The reservation made at Hostel Bulwark includes all internal regulations and privacy policy, which will prevail over any conditions proposed by the guest.
We warn our guests that there will be no permanent presence of an employee of the Hostel. Face-to-face hours are from 7.30am to 10.30am and from 3pm to 8pm. Any need for contact with our staff should be through the means provided.

1. Booking
1) All bookings will be processed directly through the available platforms.
1.2) The guest will be required to provide identification information, including, but not limited to, his/her name, personal identification number, passport, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
1.3) The booking is only considered valid at the time of confirmation of payment by the management. At that time a personal and non-transferable PIN will be provided via e-mail, for entry into the Hostel, which gives the booking as confirmed.
1.4) Any group booking will be subject to availability and should be requested by email up to 7 days prior to the check-in date.

Payments and Taxes
2.1) All prices are in Euros (€) including VAT at the prevailing rate.
2.2) Payment methods for bookings are, PayPal, Bank transfer and cash in presence at the Hostel.
2.3) The guest will be responsible for any bank charges incurred by the bank transfer process.

3.1) The check-in can be done from 3pm.
3.2) All check-in will be made on the basis of the data provided at the time of booking online. Only guests with valid entry PIN or part of a multiple booking are part of the check-in.
3.3) The management reserves the right to request details of the booking at any time to check or validate your stay at the Hostel. It is not allowed post-payment in any circumstance.
3.4) At check-in you should head to the locker with the number of your booking, inside you will find a pair of slippers to replace any outdoor footwear, a towel, a key ring to mark the footwear and another with a key to the corresponding locker.
3.5) If you lose any of these elements, you should contact the management and immediately report the event to proceed with the replacement.
3.6) When entering the Hostel, a place will be available for the placement of footwear, coats, umbrellas and plastic protection. Flip-flops are available free of charge and must be replaced during your stay at Hostel Bulwark.
3.7) Backpacks must be placed in the right lockers and at no time should they enter the dormitories.
3.8) In an exceptional case of emergency you can call the contacts provided at the entrance for this purpose.
3.9) Any amendment to the Regulation must be justified and requested.
3.10) The Hostel reserves the right of admission or expulsion in case of neglecting our rules;

4.1) The check-out will take place before 11am.
4.2) The check-out before 6am should take into account the remaining guests, being obligatory to respect the noise and avoid any discomfort.
4.3) On the day of the departure, the bed should be free until 10.30am, the towel hung on the bed hanger, the key ring of the footwear inside the respective locker and the key in the corresponding lock.
4.4) Any change to the stipulated time must be justified and requested, subject to the employee’s availability.

5.1) For the sake of respect and understanding for all guests, we ask for special attention to the silence in the social areas and corridors, since our guests, for the most part, seek rest.
5.2) From 11pm, no activities are allowed that may disturb the other guests of the Hostel (Decree-Law no. 292/2000 of 14th November [1]).

6.1) Any damage done voluntarily will be charged to you.
6.2) The company, depending on the seriousness of the damage, will take the legal measures deemed necessary.
6.3) If there is a need for an employee to go to Hostel Bulwark, outside the opening hours, to resolve a situation caused by the guest, we reserve the right to expel him/her in the event of neglecting our rules.

7.1) There is a complaints book available.
7.2) In case of a complaint, please identify the employee, the time of the occurrence and report it to the management, who should be called to the location.

8.1) Under the terms of Decree-Law no. 228/2009 of 14/07, this company will not be responsible for money, jewellery or other valuables that may disappear within its premises.
8.2) The locker is guaranteed and should be identified by the number of the booked bed.
8.3) Always remember to close the main access doors to the building, the locker door and make sure that they are properly closed.
8.4) People who are not on the guest list are not allowed to enter and/or stay.

9.1) Without prejudice to the above and the general rules on tourist accommodation, it is not permitted within the premises:
a) Under the terms of the provisions of art. 4, paragraph 1, subparagraph p) of Law no. 63/2017, of 3 August, smoking or steaming is prohibited in the establishment.
b) Change or modify the layout of the rooms.
c) Leave garbage in the common and private spaces.
d) Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.
e) Drinking or eating, except on the first floor.
f) No pets are allowed on the premises.
g) Adopt any conduct that may compromise the normal activity of the Hostel or disturb the quality of the service provided to the other guests.

Kitchen and Lounge
10.1) At Hostel Bulwark we have a kitchen equipped with appliances and utensils that the guest can use for the preparation of any meal:
a) Microwave and Oven.
c) Induction plate that should be used with our utensils and exhaust fan on. The utensils should be washed after each use.
d) Fridge available, we point out that any ingredient that is abandoned will go to waste within the next 24 hours.
e) Coffee maker with capsules, which must be purchased from the staff and subject to availability.
f) The washer and dryer will be administered by the employee between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.
g) Tables, chairs, plates, glasses and cutlery are available for use by guests.
10.2) A free morning booster will be available between 7:30am and 9:30am, consisting of water, juice, coffee, milk and toast with butter and jam.
10.3) Ambient music will be on between 7:30am and 9pm The TV will be managed by the Hostel staff.
10.4) Interactive games will be available on request. To contribute to the comfort of the guests, they will only be available during the activity hours and limited to point 3 of the present regulation.

11.1) Hostel Bulwark provides a contact for group booking through its website. Bookings are subject to the specific conditions specified and availability.

Hygiene and cleaning
12.1) Hostel Bulwark is cleaned daily.
a) Whenever there is a change of guests, the cleaning of the Hostel will be extended to the dormitories.
b) If the stay is longer than 2 days the guest can request a new towel that will be provided after collection of the used one.
c) If the stay is more than 7 days the guest can request new sheets that will be replaced the next morning.

Common areas
13.1) The rules and recommendations regarding the use of common areas are posted on them, namely, shared bathrooms, kitchen and living room.
13.2) Failure to comply with the rules and recommendations therein shall be subject to the penalties provided for in this Regulation, as they are applicable (damage, safety, prohibition or otherwise).
13.3) The management of the Hostel reserves the right to be compensated and as such, to penalize individuals and/or groups in the event of confirmation of loss, damages or non-compliance with the rules of operation of the Hostel.

Cancellation of the Booking
14.1) In case of no-show, the payment of the booking will not be refunded, however, the booking will be maintained until 10.30am.
14.2) If you cancel your booking after 12 noon on the previous day, you will be charged 50% of the daily booking fee.
14.3) We reserve the right of admittance to people who are not in acceptable hygienic conditions, who are drunk, or who have any intention of not complying with our regulations.

[1] With the amendments introduced by Decree-Law no. 259/2002 of 23 November, the General Noise Regulation approved by Decree-Law no. 251/87 of 24 June was revised.
According to article 1 of this law, its purpose is the prevention of noise and the control of noise pollution, with a view to safeguarding the health and well-being of the population and which applies to neighbourhood noise and to noisy, permanent and temporary activities, which may cause discomfort.
Under the terms of paragraph 3 (e) and (f), the reference periods for noise assessment purposes are the daytime period, which runs from 7am to 10pm and the night period, which runs from 10pm to 7am.

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