Bulwark and the Eco-Sustainability


Being exposed to the environment has a positive effect on human health and physical well-being. The Santiago Route becomes this unique experience, due to the involvement of nature all along the way. It is important for Hostel Bulwark to maintain a balanced transition between environments, to achieve the level of comfort that each guest is looking for.

Considering that we are in the century of wood engineering, the eco-sustainable systems are reflected in the current construction typology, where this element immediately transfers its natural beauty to a refined sense of comfort, wherever it is located. It is necessary to demystify the common idea that, to achieve this, the destruction of thousands of trees is necessary, increasing the level of global deforestation. This is not the case today, as eco-sustainability practices allow for the management of forest mass-reduction, with measures being put in place that, in the same way, allow as many or more trees to be planted as there are trees that are harvested.

Hostel Bulwark is thus proving to be responsible for the good practices of environmental protection and meets all the conditions for a more ecological stay.

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