General Services

Acesso por Código Pessoal

Access by PIN

Espaço para Arrumação

Individual lockers

Reforço Matinal

Energizer 7:30 to 9:30


Capsule bunk beds

WC Totalmente Equipados

Individual showers


Viscoelastic mattresses and aloe vera pillows

Cozinha Equipada

Equipped kitchen

Secador de Cabelo

Hair dryers

Máquinas de Lavar e Secar Roupa

Washing and drying machine*


Living Room

Estação Metereológica

Weather Station


Air Conditioning

Wi-Fi Gratuito

Free Wi-Fi

Primeiros Socorros

First Aid

Sistema de Renovação de Ar

Air Renewal


Magazines and Reading

Jogos Tradicionais

Miscellaneous games

Itinerário a Pé

Suitable for Pilgrims

* Please read the conditions of use in Services and Use.

Complementary Services


Take some time to relax by tasting a good wine!

Service only available in the working hours determined by the Hostel (5pm to 9pm)


Proibido Fumar

No Smoking or vaping

Proibidas Botas nos Dormitórios

Boots Banned in Dorms

Proibidas Mochilas nos Dormitórios

Forbidden Backpacks in Dorms

Proibida Entrada de Animais

Forbidden Entry of Animals