The origin

Cross of Santiago :

This is the emblem of the XXII century of the Order of Santigo, from the time of the Crusades.
The Latin cross simulates a lily in the shape of a sword, representing the irreproachable honour of this Apostle. The sword represents his noble character and the way he was martyred.

Santiago shell : 

Used by the majority of pilgrims, the shell is given a role as a justification amulet on the return of the pilgrimage. This symbol proves the accomplishment of a personal merit and proves the conclusion of this experience.

Staff :

Understood as the pilgrim’s third foot, a symbol of faith in the Blessed Trinity, this symbol currently has a more symbolic than utilitarian function, although it is still common to see pilgrims using it as a support on their journey.

Gourd :

This symbol, considered a basic equipment for pilgrimages in medieval times for water/wine transportation, was thus adopted as one of the symbols of the Way of Santiago.

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