The interior of the Fortress

One of the largest walled shopping centres in the world!

With the evolution of times, the development of the Council along with its location, was able to maintain its economic activities, feeding exclusively on its cultural and recreational functions: trade and tourism.

The Valença Fortress represents one of the largest outdoor shopping areas in Europe, a “walled shopping” according to Joaquim Covas, Councillor for Economic Activities of the Municipality of Valença.

In the interior of Fortaleza there are about 170 shops, most of them in the home textile business, although the offer is increasingly diversified. If you want to take a souvenir with you, there are also stores dedicated to this type of sales, as well as articles produced with national materials, as is the case of cork.

Valença’s fairs, as well as all the other activities that take place during the year, also attract thousands of people from Northern Portugal and Galicia, reinforcing their image as the busiest cross-border region in the country.

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